About Us


Rusted Nail Designs is a small design and manufacturing company based in Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada.  We design, produce and distribute home decorations and furniture which are made primarily from recycled and reclaimed wood products. 


We pride ourselves on quality workmanship at affordable prices with a strong focus on locally sourced materials that are often times discarded as waste.


Unfortunately we now live in a world of diminishing natural resources, over-forestation and ever increasing environmental concerns. By using recycled and reclaimed wood, we take part in preserving our over felled forests by reducing the need for new wood. By using old wood we can have much less impact on the environment. The benefits of using reclaimed lumber extend much further. The word we use is often sourced from very old structures made from mature trees. Trees  grown for mass commercial and construction use are rarely matured long enough to reach their full potential size. The wood from mature trees is stronger, it has expanded and contracted over many years and has fully dried out, making it far more durable and less prone to warping and splitting. Old wood also tends to have a dense grain giving it more character, every piece has a story and everything forged from it carries that unique story with it. That story continues at Rusted Nail Designs.